Compton Family Wines
Garden Series
Red Pinot Gris 2019
$20.00 a bottle

2020 Tasting Note
The scent of this exceptional Red Pinot Gris jumps out of the glass with a rush of crushed raspberry, pomegranate, berry leaves and the same hint of “iron” as in the 2019 vintage.   The impression is of an approachable, balanced blend of fruit, citrus, and orange peel. This is a richer Red Pinot Gris than the previous vintage.

If a Pinot Gris can be called “full bodied” this is it. Many “Gris” are so light bodied to be of little character, pleasant but insipid. Not this one. Assertive yet very drinkable, works for sipping but shines with food. Tried cheese fondue lately? Time to pull out the fondue pot for a perfect food pairing. 

Owners and growers of Newton Creek Vineyard in Philomath, Oregon. They have 2 acres of Pinot Gris vines from which we made two barrels of Red Pinot Gris.